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What We Do

Harrier Aerial Surveys expertise in high-precision surveying, GIS, and remote sensing offers accurate aerial imagery, digital elevation models and 3D measurements and calculations. Easily mobilized, data capture is performed quickly, accurately and at close proximity to the target while keeping operators and personnel out of harm’s way.


Harrier Aerial Surveys uses the latest UAV based LiDAR sensor to create bare earth models.

With this active sensor collecting 240,000 points per second at low altitude you can expect the highest ground point density possible from any aerial solution.

Access to LiDAR data for your project has never been so accurate, accessible and timely.

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Aerial Imagery

Harrier Aerial Surveys specializes in aerial imagery taken from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) commonly called drones.

High-resolution ortho-mosaics and oblique imagery lend a new perspective to your operation.

Nadir or straight down photographs allow us to stitch multiple images together to form one high-resolution ortho-mosaic of the target.

We capture oblique imagery when clients need visual inspections or vertical surface construction.

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Harrier Aerial Surveys has experience working with both GIS specialists needing raw data and industry professionals needing full geospatial solutions.

We provide the end results you need without the intermediate processing. We output prints, digital assets and a 3D data viewer.

We also perform geometric calculations including volume calculations, linear distancing, area calculations, change detection’s and topographic analytics.

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Harrier Aerial Surveys uses our multi-rotor UAV to get much closer to targets that are difficult or unsafe to get to in person.

Our Multi-rotor aircraft offers a stable platform for first person view of the object being inspected. This offers the best vantage point for visual inspections of hard to reach places.

Setup time is faster than traditional methods and inspections can be completed without the need for costly operation shut downs.

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What People Are Saying

We have been working with Harrier Aerial Surveys for the past six years on wildlife and habitat projects and Peter and his crew are always a pleasure to work with. They are very professional and have been keeping up with the rapid changes in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. With their GIS experience and top-notch equipment, they are able to deliver the desired products every time!

Marc-Andre Beaucher, M.Sc., RPBioHead of Conservation Programs, Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area

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