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High Precision Mapping

We are a Kootenay based aerial survey team and offer a fully licensed commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing service.

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Harrier Aerial Surveys

With our expertise in high-precision surveying, GIS, and remote sensing we offer accurate aerial imagery, digital elevation models and 3D measurements and calculations. Easily mobilized, data capture is performed quickly, accurately and at close proximity to the target while keeping operators and personnel out of harm’s way.

What We Do


Our Team uses the latest UAV based LiDAR sensor to create bare earth models. These provide our clients with high precision mapping images for inspection.

Aerial Imagery

We capture oblique imagery when clients need visual inspections or vertical surface construction, and are Kootenay aerial survey leaders.


Harrier Surveys provides the end results you need without the intermediate processing. We output prints, digital assets and a 3D data viewer.


The Multi-rotor aircraft we use offers a stable platform for first person view of the object being inspected. This offers the best vantage point for visual inspections of hard to reach places.

Our Difference

When one of the largest and most modern single line kraft pulp mills in North America needed more accurate volume calculations, they chose Harrier Aerial Surveys.


Traditional Survey: 1,500 points in 8 hours


Aerial Survey: 15,000,000 points in 15 minutes

We were able to drastically improve the accuracy of inventory calculations while also improving safety and efficiency.


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Our founder is ex-military and proud to be operating within Canada.


Harrier Aerial Surveys is fully covered with liability insurance and is certified by Transport Canada.

Transport Canada / Transports Canada

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What People Are Saying

Harrier provides Celgar with very accurate stockpile volume calculations that we can use in our audited financial statements. Harrier always provides professional service and they are able to help us on short notice when we need them. I am happy to recommend Harrier to anyone that needs professional drone services.

Mitch Dunlop CPA, CMAAccounting Manager, Mercer Celgar

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